As a coach, I am interested in drawing out my clients' authenticity, (some call it talent, I prefer to stay away from 'talent' as a general construct; ironically, it tends to limit most actors' true talent).  I approach each session as a laboratory: a place of discovery, possibility, and creation.  Ultimately, any script or set of sides you are tasked with bringing to life is a sort of puzzle that can come alive in an infinite number of ways.  There is no formula and there is certainly no right way.  There is you and there is a story on a page.  As long as you connect your heart, your imagination, and your life experience to the story that the writer has written, you are moving towards an interesting and memorable audition.

In a coaching session we make the infinite exciting and accessible by delving into the script and identifying the story on the page.  Together, we break down the scene(s), identify the thoughts you are being asked to embody, discuss the circumstances, explore elements of the relationship(s), and navigate the physical world.

My goal for each coaching session - no matter if it is one line, a monologue, or ten pages for a series regular role - is for each client to leave with a solid roadmap or blueprint for his/her audition, and the tools to feel empowered in the room.  In my experience, the most exciting and memorable auditions are both structured and spontaneous.  During our session we build a strong foundation - rooted in the script - on which you can improvise and come to a full emotional and physical life, so you can walk into your audition and offer a unique and moving rendition of the material.  


RENATA HINRICHS, Showtime, Marvel

Devin Shacket is one of the best acting coaches I’ve ever had. She breaks down the process with a simple, grounded approach that takes the mystery and stress out of dealing with the script or sides. She allowed me to find my own way into the character and trust my instincts as an actress."

Christopher Tramantana, Milwaulkee Rep, Clarence Brown Theatre

“Devin has a knack for seeing the individual and seeks to draw out your authenticity. Every time I work with her, she makes active suggestions that ignite my imagination. "