"Her passion for the work is extraordinary.  Her talent for the work is unique.  Her commitment to the students is awesome." - Olympia Dukakis, Oscar Winning Actress & Master Teacher

"Devin is brilliant.  She has a keen eye for text and content and has the ability to bring out the best performance in an actor.   Her start in casting has provided her with an extra layer of understanding for what the director/producer might be looking for and she can guide the actor in a way that is both sensitive and respectful to what the actor is already bringing to the table.  She has a lot to offer and I'm happy to see her succeed." - Julie Schubert, Emmy Award Winning Casting Director

“Taping with Devin is the absolute best. She’s specific, fast, generous, and the most valuable thing about her is that she knows what it’s like to be an actor auditioning AND a casting director who’s worked on a major TV show. With the rare combination of those two things and the experiences they bring to the table, working with Devin is a dream. I can’t recommend working with her highly enough.” - Dina Shihabi, Series Regular on Amazon's Jack Ryan

“Devin Shacket is someone with the skills and the heart to help guide you through the most delicate moments of the most difficult audition. She is always invested and her help has been priceless to me. I consider myself her biggest fan… but I know I have competition!” Chinaza Uche, Series Regular on Apple’s Dickinson, Lead Actor Nigerian Prince

"When I have an audition or a stumbling block when working on a show, Devin is the first person I turn to. Devin's knowledge and instincts are truly remarkable. She can look at a script once and be able to see things about the story and character that I truly could never see. Additionally, Devin knows how to teach to the actor's particular strengths and way of working. My tape auditions with Devin have been markedly better than with anyone else I've worked with. Use her; you'll be happy you did." - Lindsay Brill, Gotham, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Deuce, Happy

“Working with Devin is a great joy. She recently helped me put an audition on tape for a  recurring role on a new Netflix show, and I booked it! I am now shooting on location in the Amazon jungle and working with one of my all time favorite directors, Ciro Guerra! Devin is so perceptive and approachable, and made me feel extremely supported so that I could do my best work. I cannot recommend coaching with her more highly.” - Gabriella Campagna, Infierno Verde

“What makes Devin so great is her knowledge and experience on both sides of the camera. She has a knack for seeing the individual and seeks to draw out your authenticity. Every time I work with her, she makes active suggestions that ignite my imagination. I am always surprised and excited by the result. My representation has been impressed by her results with my self-tape submissions as well. In my opinion, she’s the best of both: casting director and acting coach. And to top it off, I always have fun in the room. My nerves and the audition pressure seem to evaporate at the door.”  - Christopher Tramantana, The Clarence Brown Theatre, Ramy, Paradise City, Sweetbitter

Devin Shacket is one of the best acting coaches I’ve ever had. She is a casting director as well an actress and understands fully what is required in the audition room. She breaks down the process with a simple grounded approach that takes the mystery and stress out of dealing with the script or sides. She allowed me to find my own way into the character and trust my instincts as an actress. I learned to have fun with the material and the audition process. " - Rentata Hinrichs, Jessica Jones, Law & Order, Escape at Dannemora

Devin is a genius in her field. Not only does she have the technical skills and tools to coach actors to their highest performance, but her creative impulses and instincts for storytelling are spot on. She has an innate sense of where a scene needs to go, and is able to support that with expert text analysis. She masterfully works with actors to help them make discoveries, while simultaneously guiding them in a timely and direct fashion. When I came to Devin for coaching an on-camera audition, she worked with me to explore all possible approaches to the scene. As a result, I felt extremely prepared for any direction that could be thrown at me in the audition room. Moreover, working that way allowed me to feel extremely confident that the choices we finally landed on, truly were the best fit for the character and the specific audition. And by working so deeply and thoroughly, I was more relaxed, confident, and off book by the time we finished the session. Devin’s insights into how the work is perceived from behind the camera are invaluable. That, coupled with her experience in front of the camera, make her approach extremely relatable. She brings a warmth, caring and joyful generosity to the way she communicates her notes and directions, making it easy to relax, explore and play. I trust her instincts implicitly and am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with her! Carolyn Faye Kramer, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

"My time coaching and in class with Devin has been transformative. She is always as invested and excited as I am to unlock the secrets of the material. She starts every journey with you by encouraging you to find the simple truth that lives in the text and growing from there. Honing this skill offers great reward, but it's her preternatural ability to interpret the text, and how she encourages you personally to connect with it, that is most valuable. I am more confident walking in to an audition room than ever - and certain that my work with her is not done!" - Darcie Siciliano

"Devin is a teacher who makes her students feel comfortable expressing themselves in a safe, loving environment and who truly SEES YOU and your unlocked potential. She quickly hones in on your unique skillset and cuts to the truth; providing insightful advice, support, and feedback with actionable “to dos” to make you the best version of yourself.  Devin does not try to fit you into a box, change who you are, or make you a “type”. In the time I have worked with her, I have become much more comfortable in an audition setting, self-taping my auditions and knowing exactly what to do to release false teachings and limiting beliefs that have held me back in the past. From exercises breaking down scenes line-by-line, moment-by-moment, to emotion, reasoning and body language - I have uncovered a fuller and deeper understanding of what it takes to bring a dynamic, entertaining, engaging and truthful performance to screen. Thank you Devin for your insight into the world casting and for your kind, warm, genuine support in guiding me to a fulfilling career as an Artist.  - Aly Mang, Quantico

“With her knowledge and years of professional experience Devin is a pleasure to work with. After working with her she enabled me to put into words something that had been holding me back for some time. We were then able to begin to work through it and improve not only the scene but my presence was in the room” - Phoebe Dunn, The Looming Tower

"Devin’s experience in casting along with her training as a performer are invaluable tools as a coach. She not only helps you get out of your own way she guides you to your own path to success in the audition room. As opposed to offering a one size fits all template she helps you find yourself within the words on the page. I highly recommend working with her." - Christian Barber, Sneaky Peat, Seven Seconds, Blue Bloods, Quantico

"After working under the tutelage of Julie Schubert, Devin sought out teachers and techniques to understand the actors process and bridge the gaps that are common in casting offices between casting directors and actors. Devin has one of the most unique abilities when it comes to auditioning, along with understanding the whole casting process. She possesses a rare quality in being able to communicate effectively what casting directors are looking for so the actor can understand and adjust without confusion. She’s brilliant at breaking down those language barriers and getting to the root of what it takes to deliver a strong audition, while at the same time finding the freedom and joy that actors crave. My confidence and abilities as an actor have shifted tremendously from her guidance and techniques." -John Brodsky, FBI

“I met Devin in an on-camera casting workshop and she was immediately able to put me at ease. So often as actors we go into a room thinking about all the things we shouldn’t be doing instead of the possibilities that can come from bringing one’s true self into the room. Devin is an ace at helping actors remember that important fact. Her experience working in major casting offices in NY and her open and supportive demeanor can help any actor to stop hiding and start revealing their true capabilities on and off camera.” Sean Michael Wilkinson

“I’ve been fortunate to know Devin for many years and when you meet Devin, you too will understand the good fortune of knowing her. Her warm and open nature is what makes her excel as a teacher and a guide in the field of acting. She has the uncanny ability not only to see people but to see into them. Because of her own background and experience, she can understand and recognize the drive behind actors and artists alike. And that sense of empathy translates into her giving you information you can digest and use in your work. Not only is Devin always eager to help, but you know that she genuinely wishes to see her friends, colleagues, and students succeed. She puts so much care into the work she does, making her a singular teacher and an artist.” - Varvara Ilchenko

“Devin is an enthusiastic wiz at coaching. She trained with one of the best in the business and knows exactly what a scene needs in order to come together. She’s a true actor’s director! Coaching with her makes the audition process feel easy.”  - Frances Eve, Shades of Blue, Vinyl, Blue Bloods, 

“Working with Devin is like working with a well-trained athlete. She has skill, precision, and experience while making her job look effortless to reap maximum results. In class Devin helped me unlock parts of my myself as an actor in a very short amount of time, and I am so grateful to her for that!” - Danielle Beckman

“Devin is very personable with a palpable passion for working with actors. She makes you feel comfortable and that she truly wants you to do your best. She has a keen eye for casting in unexpected ways that are also spot on. As the actor, if you are willing to examine out of the box roles, it is a lot of fun to explore your talent with her!” - Mara Lee Wilkinson

“Devin watches actors with great sensitivity, solid powers of observation, and, most refreshingly, deep respect. In this day-long workshop, I saw her give notes to both seasoned and beginning actors that instantaneously upped their game. Her coaching is simple and immediately actionable. She has so much experience watching the very best working actors throughout hours and hours of casting, but there is nothing snobby about her approach, just a desire to make actors more purely able to do their job. ” - Emma Tattenbaum Fine